5 Weird Facts About Food That You Eat

5 Weird Facts About Food That You Eat

People don’t normally think twice about what they’re putting in their body. Our basic body’s need is just consuming food for nutrients. However, for most people, it’s whatever tastes the best that goes into our body. You regularly observe individuals at the market looking at the back of packages to take a gander at the nutritional information that shows what is in the food. I can guarantee you none of them are taking a gander at the ingredients except if they have a particular hypersensitivity like wheat or soy allergy. While there is no need to think twice about it, here are five weird facts about food that you eat every day that will interest you.


White potato

Potatoes are found everywhere from fries to casseroles. The potato is also very filling because it contains so many carbohydrates and proteins, but did you know that potatoes are 80% water and only 20% solids? That’s interesting for a food that is heavy enough to be thrown like a baseball but made up of enough water to keep you quenched as you eat.


Yellow apples

If you’ve ever tried bobbing for apples, you probably never questioned why the apples themselves were floating. Try putting another fruit, like an orange, into some water, and it will sink faster than the Titanic. Apples actually contain almost 30% of air. That doesn’t mean you should be questioning the manager of every grocery store you go to wondering why you need to pay so much when you weight an apple.


White mushrooms

Mushrooms are a very versatile food that can be added to anything. Most people find themselves sautéing them in recipes or grilling them. A lot of people may accidentally burn them, but did you know there’s no way to actually overcook a mushroom? The cell walls of a mushroom are made of chitin which makes them impossible to overcook. Burn? Yes, but not overcook.



Cheese, specifically shredded cheese, contains cellulose which is basically sawdust. The sawdust used in shredded cheese is used to keep the “cheese” in the bag from clumping together. Don’t go throwing out all your cheese just yet as cellulose is found many different kinds of food that you might as well fire to your entire kitchen. You enjoyed shredded cheese before knowing it contained sawdust. It should be noted that regular block cheese does not contain cellulose as it does not come bagged.


Vanilla flower

Vanilla frozen yogurt has an ingredient called castoreum, a delectable emission from the posteriors of beavers. The discharge itself actually smells like vanilla. I would prefer to think I not to meet the individual who thought to get a beaver, smell its emissions, at that point chose to utilize it in nourishment.

Don’t let any of this information keep you from enjoying your favorite foods. It certainly won’t stop me. In fact, having knowledge of the weird ingredients found in everyday foods might make you seem interesting in conversation.


  1. The more that I think about it, the more and more disgusted I get about the vanilla fact. I never knew where vanilla got it’s smell from or where most of the ingredients came from. It’s not going to stop me from using it because I love baking with it! I know it can’t be harmful to the body since it’s so widely used, and it has to have some sort of regulation on it.
    Kristy Vincent 11 october 2019, 10:42 # 0

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